well i’m singing you now just a little young tune
my soul swinging soundly by the slip in full moon

and i’m basking in the light
my mask comes off at night

i re-met you, lover, sometime in late june
i’d hoped before then that love would greet me soon

but my faith back then was low
till i saw that your eyes had that glow

i knew watching listening made your heart beat
i felt i was sweeping you off of your feet

you leaning on that arch with one hand on your beer
and your eyes touching mine with the colors so clear

all that you asked was i take off my mask
so i could stop keeping myself from your grasp

i’m screaming this song and i hope you will hear
well i must owe you something since i hold you so dear

i first sang this tune through a cascade of tears
cause i knew it was time for me to disappear