She was darning with tears, I was trimming with lace
All the years one could trace on the lines of her face
And now an old maid, not the girl with blonde braids
She was once, before her true love went away

The hours ticked by with two hands as their guide
Pointing cardinal directions, at each hour a bird cried
But although he was sly, perched atop his own sky
The spiders above spun their webs for the flies

He said that he felt feelings distance can’t melt
He promised to return with gold rings and fur pelts
But when he passed the warm threshold of her door
The cold took his heart, and he loved her no more

Ça fait plus de dix ans et ses larmes restent profondes
Elle se réveille en se rappellant qu’elle n’a pas d’enfants
Mais si elle était enceinte cette journée là
Elle en aurait eu un, qui aurait été moi
Elle me tiendrait, skelette et tendons,
Mais le reveil dans son coeur ne faisait jamais de son.