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ZAP TOWN Andrew Duncan, June 29th, 2011


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Molly Sweeney displays the confidence of a Marianne Faithful while illuminating a mystique that Stevie Nicks does to her music.

She will take you down the dark alleys of Montreal showcasing her wares in dimly lit cafes and late night haunts with her songs of love lost and gothic romance.

Gold Rings And Fur Pelts may be her debut album, but listening to it you would think she has been churning out albums for years. The album is full of bravado and a professionalism that not only incorporates herself into the mix, but the heart of the Quebec city.

There is an instant feeling of nearness to songs like “Swollen” and the title track. These songs lure you in with simple fragility while making you fall in love with the way she wraps lyrical poetry into the ambiance of the song.

The amount of instruments and musicians that perform on this album is perplexing, but it is all done with stride and professionalism where nothing ever gets in the way of the song’s essence. Listen closer and you will realize that Sweeney does not need all of the accentuation as I am fully confident that just her voice and a guitar will convey the same emotion.

“Florida” is a song that really ties all of this together. You listen to this song and you feel like everything else disappears. As the song grows in depth and layer, the more it becomes apparent how timeless her style becomes.

This is an album that you will want to listen to over and over again and feel enlightened for doing so.


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