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Two Shows at CMJ

Hello friends!

I’m bringing my band down to the Big Apple to put on a couple of great shows at CMJ, here’s a sneak peak of the first single “Under the Radar” with a music video teaser.


Tuesday October 13 @ Fat Baby in the East Village at 10pm

Wednesday October 14 @ Pete’s Candy Store in Williamsburg at 10pm

I finally have some promo copies of my new vinyl! Be the first to have a A Golden Grin on 150g vinyl…it was my first time putting a vinyl together and it just sounds perfect.

Hope to see your beautiful faces in the crowd in New York. Live long and prosper.




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Under the State Trooper’s Radar

I’ve spent the last two years just about in the chair of my production studio, figuring out Protools and testing mics and preamps and trying to get good sounds. Vocal takes, guitar takes, all that stuff…it’s pretty good practice actually, spending that much time on nine songs.

Now, finally, I have some spare time to play other songs and get inspired to write some new ones. I’d been subletting my jamspace for the past year to save money for the recording…now I’ve got it back and I’m playing drums and guitar and jamming with some great musicians. I went through my voice memo recording and took five days to organize them all…there’s an accumulation of 3 years of ideas I haven’t properly gone through.

So my boyfriend Linus has been encouraging me to do Youtube videos, get used to being in front of a video camera. I used to love that stuff when I was younger…my childhood friends Dan and Adam Brown and I used to make tapes of us joking around when I was living back in Michigan. Well, now I’ve got a sweet little production studio and I’m hopefully going to stick to my new years resolution of doing covers of songs by artists I like, and maybe a few of my own tunes. Linus is the cameraman and video editor, I’m the sound engineer. It’s a little sonic and visual tour of the room where I’ve spent the past two years editing and doing takes.

So without further ado, here’s my cover of Bruce Springsteen’s State Trooper, my favorite tune from his album Nebraska. It’s an excellent tune and really fun to play. A little vocal frye and overtones in there for effect.

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